Miranda Creswell

image of North Norththembira

No 11Margate

With the advice and help of Dr Letty Ten Harkel, Roger Glyde and Dr Chris Green, I drew Reculver in Kent, with its formidable 12th century church twin towers, at a site on the coast, which is now a country park. It is set amid ruins of a Roman Saxon ‘shore fort’, overlooking the Wantsum channel, which until the 15th century divided this part of Kent with the Isle of Thanet by a large navigable channel of water.

I chose to draw it from half a mile to the west on the coastal path, on a path, which lies on the site of a Roman Road. The weather was fierce at times, but even in a storm, the dark towers could be seen, which is why, perhaps these are still used as a navigation mark for ships at sea.

Reculver storm approaching


Reculver archeologist Letty approaching to meet me after 4 days drawing