Miranda Creswell

image of North Norththembira

One room, five corners 2008

This exhibition was a result of the second artist residency funded by Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford.

Miranda Creswell wrote to religious leaders and people involved in religion, asking them what texts – what words – have inspired and shaped them. She asked them to hand write their responses, and explained that these pieces of paper would be exhibited alongside other religious peoples texts and made public. Thirty one of these hand written texts were exhibited, peppered with drawings by Miranda as a response to the texts.

The unforeseen outcome was an emotional and positive private view and viewing from the public during the opening of the exhibition, attended by many people from different religious backgrounds.

Nazir Afzal OBE, is the Chief Crown Prosecutor of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for North West England. He is the first Muslim to be appointed to such a position and is Britain's most senior Muslim lawyer within the CPS. He has campaigned for women's rights and spoken out against forced marriage, female genital mutilation and so called honour killings.

When the Prophet Mohammed was asked, ‘which of your parents should you show the most kindness to?’, he said, ‘first to your mother, then to your mother again, then to your mother a third time, and then to your father.’ He added, ‘Paradise lies at your mother’s feet’.

To me that story reflects the true position of women in Islam; it drives me to ensure that it is also the reality.”


Nazir Afzal OBE

James Jones is the retired Anglican Bishop of Liverpool.

‘You desire truth in the inward being, therefore teach me wisdom in my secret heart.’

Psalm 51: 6


Seetah Lakhani is the author of several books on Hinduism. She is a member of the Hindu Academy, UK’s prominent organisation involved in teaching about Hinduism in schools.

‘Thou art That’
Chandogya Upanishad 6.8.7 of the SamaVeda
‘This Brahman is Atman’
Mandukya Upanishad 1.2 of the Atharva Veda
‘Brahman is Pure Consciousness’
Aiteriya Upanishad 3.3 of the Rig Veda.
‘I am Brahman’
Brhadaranyaka Upanishad 1.4.10 of the Yajur Veda
‘The right is to work only: but never with its fruits
let not the fruit of action be thy motive, nor let thy attachment be to inaction.’
The Bhagavad Gita 2: 47


Baroness Neuberger is a member of the House of Lords, former director of the King’s Fund, and Senior Rabbi to the West London Synagogue.

‘You shall not seek vengeance nor bear a grudge against any of your people: You shall love your neighbour as yourself” Leviticus 19:18
‘You shall love your neighbour – he is like you.’


Geshe Tashi Tsering is the Resident teacher of the Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London, and close associate of the Dali Lama.

‘With the wish to achieve the highest aim, Which surpasses even a wish-fulfilling gem, I will train myself to at all times Cherish every sentient being as supreme.’